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Do I Need an Anti Virus Program on My Chromebook?

14 Sep 2021 4:07 PM | Anonymous member (Administrator)

It is becoming a well known fact that Chromebooks are more secure than Mac and Windows computers because they do not have the traditional software often targeted by scammers and criminals.

In fact, there is no operating system for malware and viruses to be installed on. This could also mean there is nowhere to install antivirus and antimalware programs either.

But you can still be targeted by criminals if you are not alert.

Chromebooks use the Chrome browser to access the Internet and the Chrome browser can be compromised by browser hijackers, rouge extensions, spyware and adware which often appear to be useful addons to your browser which can have a hidden purpose.

Malwarebytes has a free extension which you can add to your Chrome browser which can help protect you from risky sites such as phishing and tech support scam popups. This s probably the most likely way you may become a victim of scammers so I recommend adding this to your browser even if you don't have a Chromebook.

You can get Malwarebytes Browser Guard here.

If you want to get Malwarebytes for you Chromebook you can get it from here.

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