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How Do I reset my Apple ID Password?

30 Dec 2022 1:44 PM | Anonymous member (Administrator)

To reset your Apple ID password, you can follow these steps:

Go to the Apple ID website: Visit the Apple ID website at and click on the "Forgot Apple ID or password" link.

Enter your Apple ID: On the next screen, enter your Apple ID and click "Continue."

Select a method for resetting your password: You will have the option to reset your password by answering security questions, receiving an email, or receiving a text message. Choose the method that you prefer and follow the prompts to reset your password.

Create a new password: If you choose to reset your password by answering security questions or receiving an email or text message, you will be prompted to create a new password. Follow the guidelines provided to create a strong and secure password.

Sign in with your new password: Once you have reset your password, you can use it to sign in to your Apple ID account and other Apple services.

If you are having difficulty resetting your password, you may need to contact Apple for further assistance. You can find contact information for Apple support on their website or through the "Contact Us" link on the Apple ID website.

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